NOTE: Above pricing applies to new users only. 
Existing users continue to pay the rates contracted
for at time of original software purchase.

Our competitors charge a separate monthly fee ranging from $50 monthly (up) for the use of an online job status database.   We only charge an added $15 per month.

A Job & Document Delivery system can be added to your Online Job Status Database at no added cost, regardless of the level of activity.  This will allow clients to submit new jobs to you (including documents).  When submitted online, you can then download the job information and documents directly into your Case Manager software without the necessity of typing in any information.

COMPARE RATES TO SERVEMANAGER: If you were entering up to 1,000 jobs per month you would have to pay Servemanager $219.00 monthly. If you entered up to 300 jobs per month, you would have to pay Servemanager $99 per month. WITH CASE MANAGER YOU CAN ENTER AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF JOBS AND UPLOAD THEM TO AN ONLINE DATABASE FOR ONLY $50 PER MONTH.

SYSTEMS Win XP, 7,8,10:

NETWORKING: Case Manager can be installed on a network consisting of multiple computers. There are numerous variables involved in networking, such as the operating system, computer hardware, etc. NPPSN will attempt to install Case Manager on USERís workstations in addition to USERís main computer, and provide networking support, or troubleshoot the loss of network connections and configurations between USERís computers. However, Networking is a ďspecialtyĒ that requires on-site (hands-on) review of the USERíS contemplated network or problem to effect a proper installation or cure, and as such, if NPPSN cannot network USERís multiple computers and If you do not employ an IT person, we can have a network specialist contact you and you can pay him/her to conduct the networking. If you will be conducting your own networking, we supply a network manual that has instructions.

THE COST for us to install Case Manager on your main computer IS $40.00 and $20 per each workstation installation (if any). There is FREE ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING on all software functions and FREE SUPPORT on any software bug at no cost, plus a free online help desk. There is no added monthly cost to use Case Manager on as many workstations as desired.

OFFICES (contact

If you are operating more than one business out of your same office location, using different business names, or if you have different office locations and need 2 or more licenses, we will charge you a reduced cost to set up and install the software at each additional location.

If you are an existing customer using the Case Manager STANDARD VERSION and wish to upgrade to one of the GPS versions contact your sales representative.

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