Case Manager includes proof of service, due diligence, substitute service and many other forms for various states, including New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Arizona, Washington DC, Colorado and many others.  Whatever state you live in, the Case manager custom-forms tool enables you to create any type of forms that you require, and those forms will pull information from all fields in the software.

Additionally, prior to your purchase of Case Manager, we review the forms you currently use so that we can confirm that our software can replicate your forms.  If you need help creating any form customer service can help you.

Below are just a few samples of forms that were created with Case Manager.  All "Service Forms" can be edited in the "Custom Forms Creation" area, where you can edit and add text and revise forms layout:

Just A Few Of The Proofs Of Service Forms
Included In Case Manager Software (there are many more)

Colorado POS

California POS (POS-010)
Generic POS (used in many states)

Whether you conduct business in Florida, New York, New Jersey, California, Colorado, Ohio, Washington, Michigan, Texas, Arizona or any other state, you can create any State form using Case Manager's built in Custom Forms Tool, and Customer Service will gladly teach how to create forms and provide a video on this.

Invoice Forms
Standard Invoice
Invoice With Payment

Invoice Reports
Invoices With Balance Due
Payment History Statement
Invoices By Service Type
Invoice Report - By Client
Unapplied Payments Report

Pending Papers Reports
Pending Papers Report
Pending Papers By Client Report
Pending Papers By Server Report
Pending Papers By Court Date Report

Status Report & Worksheet (Customizable)
Status Report

Activity Reports
Client Activity Report
Activity - By Server
Served Papers Log - By Server
Served But Unfiled Papers
Papers By Court Date

General Reports
List Of Party Types
List Of Method Of Service Types
List Of Document Types
List Of Clients & Outside Agencies
List Of Capacity Types

Financial Reports
Process Server Pay Statement
Payments To Servers - By Service Type
Income & Expense Report
Sales Tax Report
Misc. Expense Report
Vehicle Expense Report
Income Report - By Service Type
Checks Received - By Date
Checks Recived - By Client
Bank Transaction Activity
Bank Transaction Activity - By Expense Category

and to view all software screens and additional information about software funtions