The GPS Version Contains all features of the
standard version
plus the Below added GPS features

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Using Case Manager's GPS Function, along with the time, date and location of serve attempts, each record you enter into Case Manager can contain:

Photos of the service location (optional)
GPS coordinates of the service location
Date and time of service
License number of the process server (optional)
License number of the process serving agency that distributed the process for service (optional)
Name of the plaintiff or petitioner;
Name of the defendant or respondent;
Docket number, if any;
Name of the person to whom process was delivered; and Unique file identifier of the person
or entity being served

All additional information shown below

This will enable you to show GPS-Verified proof that your server was there at the address. Having a photo and/or GPS verification of every attempt, your clients can feel comfortable that you run a professional operation and hold your servers accountable.

embedded directly onto a photo
OR generated by Case Manager via satellite and it will appear on a status report

(see report below)

Using this system, you simply log into your private online database, and enter service attempts and other information, and "optionally" snap a photo with your android camera and it will automatically attach the photo and "embed" gps coordinates within the photo, and automatically unembed the information and print it onto your to your status report.  Plus...when you SAVE the entry, your client can immediately view the status of the record, including photo and coordinates.

Once the record is saved, the Case Manager user can "download services and service attempts" directly into their Case Manager software at their home office (see above video). Once a record is downloaded an affidavit can be generated and uploaded to the record, and clients can click on the link that says "Click Here To View AFFIDAVIT" to download and print the affidavit.

Photos taken at the service location and submitted online cannot be edited (in complaince with DCA requirements) and GPS info is added only when taking the photo and submitting it online. Photos taken by Case Manager users in the field using our online database have GPS coordinates embedded in them the moment the photo is taken. Settings on Android Cameras must have GPS enabled.

If any party questions whether your GPS information is accurate and taken on the date and time and GPS location you reported, all they have to do is to load the photo into any EXIF program that extracts GPS information from photos and they will see that this information matches the information on your status report and online database.

There is another version of Case Manager that allows users to manually generate GPS coordinates on an afidavit without taking a photo of the location. This method secures GPS data directly from Google Maps by matching a service location with Google Maps GPS coordinates.

How to upload records to your online database for viewing by clients     2 Min: 57 sec.


How your clients view the status of papers served ONLINE (Standard Version)    4 Min: 26 sec.

How your servers and clients view the status of papers served ONLINE (Including photos and gps coordiates (GPS VERSION)


How your clients view INVOICES ONLINE    1 Min: 5 sec.

Optionally, if you do not want to take photos in the field, you can still add GPS coordinates to any service using the software's built in "Capture" of GPS coordinates for any location. The software automatically locates the correct Longitude and Latitude for the address you entered into the software via GPS Location Search, and automatically places the Latitude and Logitude coordinates in the corresponding fields.

Once you have manually captured the GPS coordinates, you simply complete all your service information on the Process Info and Return Info screens, print your Proof Of Service or other documents in the normal fashion and then UPLOAD the record to your online database, where it can be viewed by process servers, attorney clients or company owner.

If you take a photo in the field using an android camera , the GPS coordinates are automatically embedded in the photo and attached to the record, for viewing by the client, as soon as the process server takes the photo and saves it. You can also automatically send a status report to your client, including all service information including the GPS photo and\or coordinates (see below).
All GPS records are stored in PDF format and can be easily located at any time.

Screen Shot Of Online Database (Case Status) Which Is Accessible To Attorney Client



  An added feature is the ability to generate and email a status report containing all service info, plus the GPS photo and\or coordinates (Tagged or Untagged), which can be emailed to any party.   This is useful for any process server that does not maintain an online database for clients..

To send a status report, you simply click on the Email Status button located on the Case Manager Return Info screen, and a complete status report including GPS photo and\or GPS coordinates is automatically emailed to your client (see below screenshot
of report using an "Untagged Image" where the GPS coordinates were generated through Case Manager's automated satellite search).

Screen Shot Of Status Report Which Is Automatically Emailed To Attorney Client


You can Purchase Case Manager Sofware, which costs $45 per month (standard version ) or $65 monthly for the GPS Version., and for an extra $15 per month we can add an optional gps feature, plus an online data and photo storage database at no added cost, and you can upload your images and GPS coordinates to the online database for viewing and storing. You can use your existing android cell phone camera.   You don't pay any more regardless of the number of papers you process. You can use any cell including android, or IPHONE and any tablet with an internet connection.


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