1 . FOR SOFTWARE TRAINING - The best way to get training on software functions is to go to where there are videos of all software functions that you can watch at your own pace.

If you prefer, you can Submit A Support Ticket at   select SALES, and training, and describe the training that you require.
You will need a user name and password to enter this area. Contact your sales rep if you misplaced your login information. Someone will respond within 24 hours to deliver this training to you, often by making a special video and sending you a link to it via email. You may also request one-on-one training after business hours, at your office or at your home (from 4PM PST to 11PM PST). A representative will phone you to schedule an appointment for this if you request this type of training. There is no cost for this.

2.  FOR TECHNICAL SUPPORT ON SOFTWARE PROBLEMS, Click here to fill out a support ticket online and submit it.
You will need a user name and password to enter this area. Contact your sales rep if you misplaced your login information.  
Often, when you type in a description of your issue at our online help desk, a solution to your request is immediately presented so that you don't actually have to submit a ticket. CLICK HERE TO VIEW A VIDEO OF THIS PROCEURE.
If there is no "instant solution" in the knowledgebase, someone will send you the information required to resolve your issue.   If your issue is an emergency, indicate that on you ticket and it will be treated as a "priority".
Click here for more information about our Online Help desk and how it functions.

In instances where your issue is complex, a support technician might request remote access to your database
so that it can be analyzed and/or fixed during time periods when no one in your office is accessing the database.
This is done so as not to interrupt your business.

UNLIMITED FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR SOFTWARE BUGS OR TRAINING IS PROVIDED PER THE ABOVE METHODS:  Free technical support does not apply to user created software corruption, which must be fixed by our Level 2 Tech Support Group, at a cost quoted by the technician. We do not provide any network support or support for items other than software related "bugs".   Issues related to Microsoft's operating systems, browsers or other MS Software and permissions issues are referred to MS specialists and the user must contact these specialists.   

Our technician will never connect to any of your private files during a connection session, and you will be able to view everything the technician is doing, and disconnect the technician at any time.

The technician may request permission to view "diagnostic information" and if you say YES, the technician will be able to see things such as information concerning your operating system, hardware, memory etc.

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