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1 - We have been in business for 20 YEARS, serving process servers throughout the United States.

Fixed low monthly cost to regardless of number of papers processed
No annual license renewal fee

Optional online database for client to review status of papers served and pendng

A Job & Document Delivery system can be added to your Online Job Status Database at a low added cost, regardless of the level of activity. This will allow clients to submit new jobs to you (including documents). When submitted online, you can then download the job information and documents directly into your Case Manager software without the necessity of typing in any information.

No added cost to process unlimited records
Low monthly software useage fee.

COMPARE RATES TO SERVEMANAGER: If you were entering up to 1,000 jobs per month you would have to pay Servemanager $219.00 monthly. If you entered up to 300 jobs per month, you would have to pay Servemanager $99 per month. WITH CASE MANAGER YOU CAN ENTER AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF JOBS AND UPLOAD THEM TO AN ONLINE DATABASE FOR ONLY $50 PER MONTH. lick to view all pricing

2 - You can feel confident that we will be providing our software and excellent support services for many years to come.

3 - If you want to use a different software application down the road, you can cancel your agreement with our firm, and keep the database containing all your records.

4 - We train you and your staff in the use of the software, and at no cost, and we also publish VIDEOS of all software functions that can be viewed by your staff at your own pace.

5 - Our software support is excellent,and we maintain an online support ticket system that has a built in "Knowlege Base" that is available to all Case Manager users. This ticket system allows you to state the support you require and displays a solution or suggestion regarding your request, based on previously submitted tickets. CLICK TO VIEW

6 - We are a forward thinking company and for over a decade we have added new features to Case Manager due to various reasons including Court filing requirements. One such feature is our unique "Custom Forms Creation" feature that enables process servers to design any type of form and have that form pull data from all areas of the software. We also train you in the forms creation process where requested.

7 - CONTINUED USE GUARANTEE - No one likes to think about going out of business, but we recognize that you will be entering important data into your database over a long number of years, and that you need to continue to support your clients at all times, and that you are relying on us to see to it that your relationship with your clients will always be preserved, regardless of any interruption in our business.

For this reason, all agreements we have entered into with our Case Manager users contains a "Continued Use Guarantee", which states that that in the unlikely event that we were ever to suffer any type of business interruption, you would own the software outright, including the source code, and you could continue to use the software at no cost, and to have it supported by any one of the numerous Microsoft Access support groups in every state in the USA. You could select a company from a list provided by us, and the company of your choice would be provided with source code instructions and videos pertaining to all software functions. WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN THIS COMMITMENT, AND KNOW OF NO OTHER COMPANY THAT HAS ADOPTED THIS FAIL SAFE POLICY.